• 2 19 2014
    Demystifying Freight Class

    Demystifying Freight Class

    A Nuts and Bolts Breakdown of What Exactly Freight Class Is

    Expanding on our introductory overview of Freight Class, we thought it’d help to clear up some of the system’s thornier aspects. Wondering how the right freight class effects shipping price? Wondering how to find your freight class? Wondering just what the heck is freight class anyway? Fear not. The way out of this mystery...

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  • 1 31 2014
    Freight Budget Challanges

    Freight Budget Blues

    Facing Freight Budget Challenges Set on the Small Business Owner

    The shipping world is difficult and confusing. Add to that the other challenges of running a business and it can be enough to make you want to scrap your vision and sell life insurance instead.

    But before tormenting family members with your policy pitch, consider what some of the obstacles are to a manageable...

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  • 1 27 2014
    New Action Transport Website

    Presenting our new website

    At Action Transport, Inc., we measure our success by customer satisfaction. While it might not bring the hard-data feedback of number crunching and analysis, we feel we’re pretty good at recognizing the signs: repeat customer business, newly referrals, companies growing thanks to savings in their freight budget, and the occasional post-project celebratory meal, complete with hearty pat on the...

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