New Action Transport Website

At Action Transport, Inc., we measure our success by customer satisfaction. While it might not bring the hard-data feedback of number crunching and analysis, we feel we’re pretty good at recognizing the signs: repeat customer business, newly referrals, companies growing thanks to savings in their freight budget, and the occasional post-project celebratory meal, complete with hearty pat on the back.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we continue our efforts to make things easier for shippers with the launch of our new website, offering improved features.

Our existing customers will benefit from streamlining their next shipment. Our new customers will find the assurance needed so they can be confident in their freight manager selection.

So What’s New?

  • Enhanced Freight Quote Form – Taking advantage of the latest technology, we’ve restructured the form with better tooltips and a quicker fill-out time.
  • Real-Time Freight Quotes – After completing shipment information, you will receive shipping quotes from Leading Carriers.
  • Real-Time Freight Tracking – Keep up-to-the-minute track of your shipment with our new system.
  • Shipper Sign-Up Form – Receive prompt email alerts and manage your account more conveniently after signing up.
  • Mobile Access – Get a freight quote, check a shipment, or stay informed on the latest freight transportation news all on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Industry Blog – Keep your freight skills sharp with our new blog offering tips, guidance and news that will help simplify the oftentimes complex and evolving world of transportation and the shipping industry.

Explore our new website and take advantage of the new features. They’re the very latest in our very classic business approach as a whole: save the customer money, time, headache and hassle. Our family owned company has been doing just that for over forty years, serving each shipper with one-on-one attention and a feel for what brings individualized customer satisfaction. No pat on the back necessary.