Modern freight carriers are constantly under pressure to complete their shipments in an efficient and cost effective manner. Many of them are adept at handling these responsibilities. However, this does involve plenty of pre-planning and analysis. Let’s look at some of the ways freight carriers use freight shipping analysis to save costs on their shipments.

The Need for Freight Shipping Analysis

The rise of E-commerce giants such as Amazon has increased the demand for freight carrier services significantly in the past decade. Carriers are now expected to deliver goods faster and more accurately than ever before. This has spurred logistics managers to rethink their shipping process.

Carriers can gain more information about their freight shipping processes and their effectiveness through freight shipping analysis. This is vital, as such information informs them about any cost saving opportunities they may be missing out on.

How Freight Shipping Analysis Works to Save Costs

Freight shipping analysis uses the following process:

Data Collection and Review

Freight carriers collect plenty of information about their shipments using transportation management software. This past data is then compiled and analyzed carefully. The carrier may look at information related to shipping locations, routes, and shipping volumes.


Once carriers have completed their analysis, they can evaluate the results. This evaluation process is vital, as each shipment has its own unique value, material, and time constraints. They can evaluate how their operations fared for different types of shipments and what the hurdles they encountered were.

Creating Reports

After the evaluation stage is complete, the carrier typically generates reports. They can use these reports to alter their operations based on their key performance indicators. The end result is the carrier being able to make informed decisions to speed up their operations and save on costs.

How Freight Brokers Utilize Freight Shipping Analysis

Freight brokers are the middle-men that connect merchants to carriers. They also utilize freight shipping analysis to assess what the most efficient and cost-effective carriers are for each shipment they plan. They can assess when consolidated shipping is the better shipping method for you or which shipping mode is most efficient for your needs.

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