• 11 18 2014
    Freight Shipping Budget

    Basic tips to help stretch your shipping budget

    Shipping freight can be complicated. Without careful planning and adequate research it becomes an uphill battle to consistently ship within your budget. What’s more, new businesses often times find it challenging establishing what their shipping budget should be and end up overpaying to ship their merchandise. Even though it may seem overwhelming at first, don’t despair. With the right process...

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  • 9 09 2014
    Intermodal Shipping – The Green Way To Ship

    Intermodal Shipping – The Green Way To Ship

    There’s no doubt that the last few years have seen an increased change in climate here in the US. Shippers concerned about climate change might want to consider intermodal shipping.

    Freight trains are one of the most environmentally friendly modes to ship. They have less of an impact on greenhouse gas emissions than over the road trucks and are almost four times more fuel-efficient....

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  • 8 27 2014
    Transportation Spend Management

    Transportation Spend Management

    This week we’ll shed some light on transportation spend management. Sounds like a boring topic but, understanding it and putting it to use is extremely beneficial to your bottom line. By controlling your transportation spend (costs) you can save money and provide better service to your customers.

    It's all in the process

    Important steps in the process. We are here to help....

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  • 6 16 2014
    LTL Pallets

    The Pallet State

    What LTL Shippers Should Know About Pallets

    The pallet. That sturdy, wooden wonder slotted on the sides for the teeth of a forklift. The pallet is easily the most utilized packaging item in the shipping industry and yet there’s no real consensus on what constitutes as a standard pallet size.

    There is, in theory, a recognized industry standard, which puts it at 48” x 40,” but...

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  • 6 02 2014
    Low Carbon Fuel Alternatives for Freight Industry

    Working Towards a Low-Carbon Future

    A New Report on Sustainability Made Available for Logistics Managers

    Here at Action Transport, Inc., we recognize that working in an industry linked with large-scale fossil fuel use puts us at the forefront of today’s challenges. How does economic growth continue with finite resources? How will the transporting of freight look in ten years? Fifteen years? Thirty years? And who’s...

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  • 5 15 2014
    US Senate Building

    US Senate Talks Freight

    A New Bill Rolls Out Transportation Authorization

    Committee members from the US Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) released a bipartisan, 6-year transportation bill on May 14. It’s designed to improve the country’s highway programs at current funding levels plus inflation.

    Two years ago, a program was launched to reform how transportation dollars were spent....

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  • 4 21 2014
    MCS-150 Update

    Updating Your MCS – 150

    A New System For Carrier Reports Takes Affect

    Last August, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that carriers under their jurisdiction would need to register and start filing biennial updates through a new online system, the Unified Registration System (URS). This is your MCS – 150, the motor carrier identification report.

    The new system pools many...

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  • 4 07 2014
    Insuring Your Freight

    Insuring Your Freight - What Is To Be Done?

    It’s a cold hard fact: every now and then freight gets damaged. Transporting goods has inherent risks in it. Accidents, fires, natural disasters, operator error, theft – all are possible scenarios. If you’re a company that ships freight everyday, odds are you’ve encountered at least one of these at least once in your career.

    The type of insurance 85 percent of small businesses rely on...

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  • 3 17 2014
    Freight Truck Snowy Conditions

    Extreme Weather and Freight

    Polar Vortexes, violent storms, droughts. Mother Nature has caused quite the stir this year – and we’re not even through March. What’s been the impact on transportation networks?

    With state-of-emergency highway and interstate closures in the Midwest slowing down truckers, and freezing temperatures hampering equipment, then, daylong closures of two major ports in New York and New Jersey...

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  • 3 06 2014
    Freight Brokers and LTL Carriers

    A Partnership of Plenty

    How Logistic Providers Have Increased LTL Shipping

    It wasn’t that long ago when carrier direct seemed to be the only option for LTL shippers. This, of course, advantaged carriers mostly, since they held the high ground in determining rates. There just wasn’t much action on the broker side of things. In 1998, revenue from 3PLs and brokers came to only 2 percent of all revenues from the...

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