• 10 07 2021
    You should always palace the heaviest boxes at the bottom of a stack.

    4 Ways to Prepare Your Freight for Safe Shipping

    Businesses often ship multiple tons of goods to retail stores each year with the assistance of freight carriers. The vast majority of these deliveries are completed with little to no problems. However, the risk of your freight being damaged always exists. Some of this damage occurs due to accidents or mishandling, while others occur due to poor preparation and packaging on the business’s part...

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  • 9 22 2021
    Full truck load shipping is a common freight transportation mode.

    Full Truckload vs Oversized Load Shipping

    If you intend to ship your business’s goods using a freight carrier, you will need to choose an appropriate freight mode. Most people are familiar with less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) shipping. However, you may be wondering what oversized shipping is and whether you need it or not.

    Let’s examine the difference between full truckload shipping and oversized shipping....

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  • 9 15 2021
    : A freight broker can help you find low freight carrier rates.

    How a Freight Broker Can Benefit Your Small Business

    Small businesses often rely on freight carriers to deliver supplies to their manufacturing facilities or finished goods to retail stores. However, the process of finding the right freight carrier can be long and difficult. This is why many small businesses turn to a freight broker for assistance.

    Let’s look at what a freight broker is and how they can benefit your small business.

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  • 9 08 2021
    Providing a carrier with an inaccurate pick up or delivery location can create delays.

    The Importance of Monitoring Freight Characteristics

    Delivering freight is no easy task. However, it is one that freight carriers are adept at completing. If you intend to get freight delivered in the near future, you will need a good understanding of your freight characteristics.

    Let’s look at the different things to monitor and why it is so important.

    Freight Characteristics You Need to Monitor

    Some of the key freight...

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  • 8 25 2021
    Freight insurance is distinct from carrier liability.

    Freight Insurance: What You Need to Know

    Freight carriers perform the vital duty of delivering freight for businesses across the country. They follow numerous safety and handling procedures to ensure your freight reaches its destination safely. However, accidents or mishaps can still happen at any given time. When this occurs, you may need to rely on freight insurance for compensation.

    Let’s examine freight insurance in more...

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  • 8 09 2021
    A shortage of drivers can reduce a carrier’s shipping capacity.

    What Affects Shipping Capacity for Freight?

    Businesses that wish to have their goods delivered via freight carriers should understand the different factors that affect shipping costs. One of these is shipping capacity.  It is vital to understand a carrier’s shipping capacity, as it can impact the manner in which you ship your goods.

    Let’s examine four factors that determine a shipping capacity.

    1.Number of Drivers

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  • 8 02 2021
    Higher freight density shipments cost less to ship.

    What Is Freight Density and Why Does It Matter?

    The term “density” typically refers to the amount of mass located within a unit volume. Objects can be low density or high density, and these characteristics may affect them in different ways.

    In the freight shipping world, the term “freight density” is often used by carriers. Let’s examine what this term means and why it matters.

    What is Freight Density?

    Freight density...

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  • 7 27 2021
    Many freight carriers use transportation management systems to track their freight and foresee delays.

    The Importance of Freight Tracking

    As a consumer or business owner, it is vital to know when exactly your deliveries will arrive. This delivery could be crucial supplies for a manufacturing process or finished goods being shipped to retail outlets. In either case, you will need the most up-to-date information about your delivery.

    Freight tracking is something that all carriers and their clients can benefit from. Let’s...

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  • 7 21 2021
    Cyber security is essential for freight brokers in the digital era.

    Technology's Impact on the Freight Industry

    Technology has made business operations far more efficient and safer in a variety of industries. This includes the modern freight industry. When used correctly, technology can make complex operations much simpler and easier to manage for brokers and carriers. Let’s examine some of the technologies that are improving operations in the freight industry.

    1.Transportation Management...

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  • 7 21 2021
    Consolidated shipping can be more complex than ordinary shipping.

    What You Need to Know About Consolidated Shipping

    If you are using freight shipping services for the first time, you may come across the term “consolidated shipping”. This refers to the practice of combining  severalless than truckload (LTL) shipments from various merchants into one full shipment. Let’s examine this freight shipping method in more detail and the benefits it offers.

    How Consolidated Shipping Works


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