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Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

We’ve been able to accommodate a variety of needs and specifications from thousands of customers throughout our 40+ years of operation. With this experience, we’ve gained the industry edge on saving you money.

Fuel Economy

Action Transport, Inc. benefits from logistical lane accuracy through our software program, but it’s our years of experience with the road and being in constant carrier communication that makes for shorter transit times. When an FTL load doesn’t have to stop, unload and reload, the choice of transit lane means all the difference in keeping fuel charges low. We make this difference work for your total shipping cost.

High Quantity

For companies shipping in bulk, or over long distances, we work with our specialized carriers and optimize all our price-reduction strategies to offer customers the best deals in FTL rates anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Qualified FTL Carriers

In an industry where changes to the law are as common as replacing inkjet cartridges, it’s important our customers know their freight is being shipped safely, securely and legally.

FTL Laws

There are different tariffs and provisions depending on what type of freight is being moved. For instance, if you’re shipping poisonous or hazardous material, the set of protocols will not be the same as if you’re shipping perishable food items. Action Transport, Inc. stays ahead of all requirements for carriers and updates new changes immediately into the system. We work with customers on all their concerns and give advice about Federal guidelines, such as which types of freight cannot be shipped together and which can.

Of course, like most 3PL companies, when carriers are brought on board, we do an initial check. Action Transport, Inc. doesn’t stop there. Before transporting any load through our system, we update our carrier information to ensure full compliance.

FTL Insurance

We analyze all FTL carriers in our system, assuring our customers that their shipment will only be handled by carriers with unblemished safety ratings and high insurance standards.

All carriers have a minimum of $100,00 in cargo insurance.

Our in-house monitoring system of every one of our hundreds of FTL carriers holds the movement of your cargo to the top performance standards.

Customized FTL Service

Superior Tracking Amenities – We know that peace of mind depends on our ability to keep pace with your freight’s journey. When you have capital on the road, there’s no such thing as too much assurance.

  • Automated Tracking – Action Transport, Inc. uses web-based software to run our automation services, keeping track of shipments in transit with the latest in technological advances and program upgrades.
  • Manual Tracking – We also call the dispatcher to confirm all shipping information, and maintain open lines of communication throughout the process. Computer tracking is beneficial but incomplete without this more personalized measure of staying on top of your shipment.
  • E-mail Notifications – We enable our customers to receive a prompt e-mail confirmation when cargo has been delivered.

Specified Service – We provide carriers that meet all requirements. Whether you need lift-gate, refrigeration, freeze protection or you’re shipping expensive and fragile items, Action Transport, Inc. can handle it.

Anywhere Shipping – Because of our large FTL carrier network, we can offer shipping anywhere in North America with the best and most established carriers.

Delivery Options – We know that some shipments are time-sensitive, some are not and the rest falls within the spectrum. To keep to your budget and time constraints, we offer Next Day, Expedited and Guaranteed shipping.

Best Customer Service

Action Transport, Inc. helps customers create a bill of lading, get the best rates, schedule pick ups and monitors all shipments. We believe that what gives these services their ultimate value is the strong rapport that has been built with every partnership.

We’re a family business and we wouldn’t have stayed in business for over forty years if we didn’t instill the value of human connection into our day to day operations.

At Action Transport, Inc. we guarantee our costumers that they will be speaking with a FTL specialist who will listen to their particular set of shipping needs. Our account managers include our customers on all billing matters, the latest tracking updates and all other pertinent information. Our reputation is founded on our dedication to ensure a hassle-free FTL shipping experience. Contact us today for a free FTL quote.

How does Action Transport simplify your freight shipping?

  • Freight Shipping US & Canada

    Ship from anywhere to anywhere in the United States and Canada via our extensive carrier network

  • Vast Freight Carrier Network

    We offer FTL, LTL, and specialty cargo rates. We match your shipment with the carrier that best meets your requirements.

  • Handle Bill Of Laden

    Consolidated billing that is easy to read and understand.

  • Road Shipping Options

    Road and Rail options for every freight size, weight, and type.

  • Friendly Shipping Brokers

    Personalized, experienced service every shipment – every time.