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Rail / Intermodal Shipping

Trending Towards the Tracks

One of the oldest modes of transporting goods is making a comeback. Thanks to technological advancements in railroad logistics, intermodal shipping has largely caught up to truckload speed, even surpassing it at times.

Along with the environmental benefits of reducing carbon emissions, shipping by rail is increasingly being seen as one of the most efficient ways to move freight.

Intermodal Shipping Benefits

At Action Transport, Inc. we’ve been happily offering intermodal shipping services for all of our 40+ years in the transportation business. It lines up with our guiding principle: help our customers save money.

There are other upsides as well:

Environmental Considerations

When it’s important to weigh the impact business decisions have on the environment, intermodal shipping is a sound practice. Over-the-road trucking can burn up to four times more diesel fuel than using a train for the line haul. This reduction in gas emissions puts your company on the right track for “going green.” Also, the decrease to road congestion, especially in high commuter areas during gridlock traffic, further reduces air pollution.

Fuel Costs

Because of fuel’s volatile pricing, intermodal shipping can offer significant savings. Not being so severely tied to the rising cost of fuel alone is enough to grant you peace of mind when shipping by rail.

Decreased Cargo Handling

There’s also a reduction in how many times cargo is handled. This cuts down on the chances of freight being damaged or lost.

Weather-Resistant Shipping

When the season turns icy and snow slows traffic down in much of the country, railroads are mostly immune. Intermodal shipping lets you watch the flurries without any worries.

Enhanced Savings with Action Transport, Inc.

The further and more often your cargo travels, the more savings you’ll see in your shipping costs. If you ship coast-to-coast, from the North to the South, or to major market areas anywhere in North America, Action Transport, Inc. provides you with the best rates for these destinations.

Best Intermodal Network

It used to be that large and medium-sized companies were the frequent purveyors of intermodal shipping. Because of advances in logistical analysis, smaller companies now have the ability to take full advantage of railway shipping.

Railway the Right Way

We’ve worked hard developing a strong and expansive network of intermodal carriers. Not only equipped to provide services over large Class 1 railroads, Action Transport, Inc. also works with regional short line carriers. Our well-established relationships with local, regional and national rail providers make it so our customers can rest assured that the whole process is done safely, expediently and within budget.

Customized Intermodal Service

Automated and Manual Tracking – Action Transport, Inc. uses web-based software to run our automation services, keeping track of shipments in transit. We also confirm information manually.

Specified Service – We provide carriers that meet all requirements. Whether you need lift-gate, refrigeration, freeze protection or you’re shipping expensive and fragile items, Action Transport, Inc. can handle it.

Anywhere Shipping – Because of our large FTL carrier network, we can offer shipping anywhere in North America with the best and most established carriers.

Customer Care

Our priority is our customer’s comfort. Intermodal freight coordinators and logistics specialists take extra time to work with customers who are new to intermodal shipping, addressing shipping needs before the freight is in transit and helping with logistics once the freight is on the rails.

Whether it’s paperwork compliance, safety inspections and rail clearances, then on to the matter of unloading your freight and shipping to your final destination, your account manager will be in constant contact, ensuring that your shipping experience is hassle free.

Action Transport, Inc. is a family business that has been in operation for over 40 years. We wouldn’t have stayed in business this long if we didn’t instill the value of human connection into our day to day operations.

Action Transport, Inc. helps customers create a bill of lading, get the best rates, schedule pick ups and monitors all shipments. We believe that's what gives these services their ultimate value is the strong rapport that has been built with every partnership. Contact us today for a free intermodal shipping quote.


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