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Freight Resources

How do I figure out what freight class my shipment is in?

The freight class is determined by combining value, weight, density, ease of moving and likelihood of damage. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFC) assigns the item a category code, as all items fall within a specific classification per freight industry standards. The need to be as accurate as possible when determining freight class is paramount since carriers place additional costs if it’s wrong. Action Transport, Inc. handles determining freight class for customers needing to do so.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my pick up?

It does not have to be far in advanced. Keep in mind time zone constraints. Most shipping companies make pickups in the afternoon and do deliveries in the morning.

Is my shipment insured?

Yes. Liability cargo insurance coverage is given by all LTL carriers and booked through 3PLs. It’s provided by the National Motor Carriers Association and is set at up to $25.00 per pound and $0.10 cents per pound on super discounted rates. Action Transport, Inc. provides further insurance options.

Can I schedule my pickup and have it picked up the same day?

Yes. We handle special pick ups and arrangements. It’s a four hour window for a freight pickup.

What are accessorial fees?

These are additional fees from the carrier when services are required outside of the standard shipping procedure. Some of examples are delivering to residential areas, meaning a place not considered a “business zone” that is open to the public. Lift-gate services. Inside pickup/delivery. Action Transport, Inc. assesses the services you need beforehand so that any fees can be factored into your quote.

What is dimensional weight? Does it apply to me?

Often called dim weight for short, it is the consideration of an item’s weight in relation to how much space it takes up. This is the item’s density. Dimensional weight is used when products are large in volume but do not weigh much.

Carriers determine freight charges based on either the gross weight of the shipment or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. This means that in order for dimensional weight to apply, it has to be calculated as being more that its actual weight.

What if my shipment is not ready when the carrier comes?

It will be dispatched for pickup the next business day, as it’s uncommon for carriers to wait for the shipment to be ready. There are additional costs tacked on top of this. Fortunately, Action Transport, Inc. is always available to address any shipping issues our customers might be experiencing and we work diligently to help them avoid delays in shipment pickups and deliveries.

How far can Full Truckload Drivers drive in one day?

Drivers can travel approximately up to 550 miles every 24 hour cycle. Federal law mandates breaks and reset periods at various intervals. The specifics of when and for how long are often in a state of refinement.

What is Freight Bumping? When is it used?

Bumping is a term used to declare on the original Bill of Lading an artificially increased weight in order to cause a higher density. This qualifies the item for a lower classification rating and the NMFC allows under it very specified conditions. It is used in LTL shipping.

When is the proof of delivery available?

It is usually available 1 – 3 days after delivery.

How does Action Transport simplify your freight shipping?

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    Consolidated billing that is easy to read and understand.

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    Road and Rail options for every freight size, weight, and type.

  • Friendly Shipping Brokers

    Personalized, experienced service every shipment – every time.