MCS-150 Update

A New System For Carrier Reports Takes Affect

Last August, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that carriers under their jurisdiction would need to register and start filing biennial updates through a new online system, the Unified Registration System (URS). This is your MCS – 150, the motor carrier identification report.

The new system pools many disparate systems into one place – the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) identification number system, the commercial registration system, the financial responsibility information system and the service of process agent designation system.

Any carriers who haven’t updated their MCS – 150 biennial update will be deactivated, as enforced by the FMCSA on March 1, 2014. Having a deactivated DOT number prohibits you from conducting interstate transportation. This includes a company with a DOT number that was outdated at the end of 2013 and any company that had a biennial update due in January 2014 that hasn’t been completed. From this point on, the process for keeping updated will go on a rolling schedule.

Based on the last two digits of your DOT number, the deadline for updating your records through URS will fall on the following dates: If the next-to-last digit of your USDOT Number is odd, you must file your update in every odd-numbered calendar year, starting in 2015. If the next-to-last digit is an even number, file your update in every even-numbered calendar year, starting in 2014.

Operators should receive a written notice alerting you that your update is due within 30 days. It gets sent to the current mailing address within the USDOT System, so it’s important that all addresses are current.

You can update your MCS – 150 at the FMCSA website

If you need a new USDOT PIN number, start here.

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