Produce Season

One of the most magical times of the year for people who love particular fruits and vegetables is produce season. During produce season, the fruits and vegetables that are in season are harvested and prepared for shipping to the various designated areas in the country and around the world. While many people eagerly await the opportunity to shop for their favorite fruits and vegetables at their local grocery stores and markets, few people give much thought to the process that allows produce to get from the various locations to their grocery stores and markets.

The process of shipping produce is handled in various ways depending on the specific part of the country that the produce will be shipped from and where the produce will be shipped. However, always in the middle of this process are freight brokers. In general freight brokers help to determine, prepare, and manage the shipment of produce to the desired locations. Freight brokers determine the best possible method for shipment based on the amount of produce that will be shipped, where the produce will be shipped, and the method of shipment such as trucks.

People in the grocery store think very little about the cost associated with transporting produce from one location to another. However, transporting produce from one location to another affects the price of the produce in the grocery store. Transporting produce is an interesting process that has grown in the level of efficiency through the use of freight brokers, better harvesting equipment, better computer technology, better transportation vehicles, better cooling systems, and quicker delivery.

In one of the most popular regions of the country regarding produce, South Florida, preparing, transporting, and delivering produce is an annual event that brings people from around the country and the world to pick the produce in season. In addition, the equipment utilized along with the high tech systems that are put into place for produce season are second to none.

Moreover, while there are many aspects involved in the ultimate delivery of produce to markets and grocery stores, the freight broker plays a vital role. In many ways freight brokers constitute the middleman in the produce season. Many people do not understand the importance of freight brokers but the successful delivery of produce to a large degree depends on the participation of freight brokers.

When people go into their kitchen to get produce to cook, the story behind how the produce got to their kitchen is rarely discussed. However, ever piece of produce has a story behind it. Produce season is special for a lot of reasons, and people who love produce know that there will be produce available during that particular produce season. Even though the produce season process is not commonly known, people love the results.