LTL Pallets

What LTL Shippers Should Know About Pallets

The pallet. That sturdy, wooden wonder slotted on the sides for the teeth of a forklift. The pallet is easily the most utilized packaging item in the shipping industry and yet there’s no real consensus on what constitutes as a standard pallet size.

There is, in theory, a recognized industry standard, which puts it at 48” x 40,” but the reality is, there’s so many sizes used in this global market, it’s hard for a standard to be agreed up across the board.

Another size considered standard in other parts of the world is the square shape of 48” x 48”. It ranks as second for the most commonly used pallet size.

Pallet Size in LTL Shipping

Carrier trucks that handle LTL shipments are about 8 feet wide. Consider this when loading pallets in the back of trucks. The standard-sized pallet can be loaded side by side, with room left over. The next size up – 48” x 48” – can also fit side by side, with slightly less room.

The idea is, whether you’re shipping washers or washing machines, be sure to ship using one of these two sizes. Along with fulfilling the space needs of the truck, it also makes it easier for carriers and shippers to load the truck, meaning it makes it quicker for you to get your shipment out.

Shippers looking for used pallets can often find them either for free or at little cost at manufacturing facilities, warehouses and construction sites. And if you find yourself with more pallets than you can use, there’s always the home-improvement projects. Pallet-design home art projects are all the rage right now.

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